Cover of track CORONA VIRUS [Half Hour Power Jam #20] by sonic3ze
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sonic3ze, CORONA VIRUS [Half Hour Power Jam #20]


I made a Rap.

Usin Tee Shirts As T-P, Reccomended by none other than Jovee

But as you can clearly see, My asshole is shit free

Self - Isolation, Got me Deficat-in ,

Maybe Masturbatin , Ya wont catch me Hatin

Everyone out here should be practicing Sanitization

Staying at home is the safest place to be, in this Serious Nationwide Emergency,

But Some People think its urgent to save up Bundles of TP.

It infects all of your fam, Regardless of Lands,

The only safe plan, Is that you have make sure that you wash your god- damn hands

Seriously, Wash ya hands bro. It'l save ya life.

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