Cover of track W.A.N.P.G - Hallow Me (Bass Edition) by W.A.N.P.G. Official
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W.A.N.P.G. Official, W.A.N.P.G - Hallow Me (Bass Edition)


If this is house then this is the first House Track I've ever made, My older brother thought of the title which i too agreed with, i thought of a few then kept thinking like "Should It?" those were, Depression of Courage,Meaning of War, and Forget Me.

Edit: Fixed the base and second pause.

The Meaning of the song is how a person is all left out like he's not included with anyone, so he feels like a shadow, he's always there for people but they don't know it.

I hope you AT Musicians like it, Let's try to get it popular on Soundcloud once i upload it, anyways, catch ya'll once i finish Nightmare II

information about orginal: In my opinion it was the best track I've ever made because on snapchat i asked Laszlo if it's okay and does it need any changes, his reply was that It's a really amazing track, nothing needs to be added or changed, it's good the way it is. i know obviously that this was his honesty because on facebook im in a monstercat fan group, and i saw screenshots of laszlo giving out his opinions on the members tracks, i manage to have survive the con's!. To those who don't know who Laszlo is, he is a monstercat EDM Artist that makes really good music!

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