Comments/Criticism/Tips/Advice/etc. welcome.

Credit to Noraus for the piano sound :]

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  • overall sound is pretty dope

  • so good =)

  • great.

  • Good work !!! :D

  • great work!

  • this is nice man , will check more of your sounds later on :)

  • nice one

  • great song dude, love the sounds. def gonna follow ;)

  • Nice Stuff.

  • Good stuff bro, Exactly what uprising said

  • Waiting ( for the next track ) hehe


  • cool no i mean hot hot!

  • do you stare at the sun while waiting for it :)


  • thats what its all about good luck in the future!!!

  • great track and ill be back to listen to more no worries like what i hear so far.... follow it helps me keep up with ppl and post new songs on my wall i dont mind if you have the time and although i dont have alot of friends ppl check it all the time and if i like it i will deff fav and get your music out there