playing with atmosphere + different rhythms.

I need to make better music :l

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  • holy god, this is, PURE!

  • You "need to make better music"? YOU ALREADY MAKE THE ---> BEST <----

  • mmmmmmm

  • Ahwmygod. This sounds like feels. If feels had a sound this would be it. Oh my sweet lordy Jeasus this is amazingly chill.

  • fucking chillsss

  • You are so good at making music, don't pressure yourself to be even better. :)

    This is amaze btw.

  • Dude whaaaat? Awesome music keep doin' you :)

  • swell ! love love it

  • Absolutely love this song! Staring out of the window across the cityscape at night just now and it just feels right. Love the futuristic vibe!

  • so ethereal. love it!

  • One cant learn to walk without falling a few times.

    I still think your music is awesome, I listening to your work all the time while I draw or do homework.

    Keep up the great work!

  • I really like the percussion in this. It's so cool to see you're around my age and produce awesome music.

  • Wow, love how it opens up at 3:10 ish. I can't comment on sound quality since I'm using really fuzzy speakers, but I like the way it develops.

  • very nice!

  • cool