so, i opened at while not being good...


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  • same technique worked with nintendo 64 (which is still working and it's attached on the living room tv :D ) @Sharkyyo lol dood :D

  • Ahh,,simpler times eh,,,lol floppies...Shit i'm old,,i tell you this,,them old speccy 48's could take a beating,,tonka toy of the pc world they were,,never loaded first time,,,or 12th so it got punched to death and still let me play airwolf,,,eventually lol

  • dudes you make me feel young :D after lemmings (which i couldn't really play, i was like 3 or 4 yo) my first game was flight simulator 98 on windows 98 :D

  • sorry couldn't help to read that! lol; The Amstrad CPC 464 was even more crapy.I Remember I was so excited to have a floppy disk instead of cassettes for christmas!!

  • Wish i would have kept all my old stuff though ;(

  • Ahhh,,the old commodore 64,,had one of those too,,back to the days when your games came on cassette tapes and made that neeeeeeer niiiiiiiirrrrr... neeer niiiiiiiir sound when loading,,and after 26 times of trying it loaded and,,,,, was crap lol

  • damn i envy you! right now the thing i'd like to put my hands on te most is a retro computer.. I had the opportunity to take a non-working commodore 64 where i worked, but i left it there D:

  • NP pal,,,,i actually remember Pong first,,and that came out in 72 i think,,my sisters game so i'm not really 70 ;D

  • & thanks for the comment :) it's very appreciated

  • LOL man :D you made me nostalgic now :') but i'm too young, the very first game i remember is lemmings

  • That pic reminds me of when my old ass spectrum 48 used to crash while playing manic minor,,,that makes me at least 70,,when all this were fields lol

  • Very cool man,,,that beats like an armour plated bullet,,wicked!!!

  • thanks guys :)

  • lol thanks man :D but i quite can't get my sound D: