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  • Thanks. Having fun discovering and learning. Comps from you journeymen audiotoolers are much appreciated. Anytime you guys want to throw some knowledge my way - it will be well received. Thanks in advance!

    -musical neophyte.

  • another great track keep leading the way man :)

  • Drum pattern was 2-step...made it on Aviary. Thanks for the compliments guys...really appreciate it. So, 2-step is good for making songs you can dance to...

  • You're right. Good ears!

  • I can vaguely hear a faint 2-step rhythm here, hehe, great track I agree with Sandburgen (or structure, or whatever name he's going by at the moment, hehe)..

  • Thanks!

  • this is cool man, very cool ... I'd like to see a hall full of people dancing to this !

  • Bella...................... :-)