South Western Baranquon has a great mixture of light from the artificial sun. To add to this, Artificial suns give it a different color temperature that complexes the atmosphere. The background cool temperature lighting is one that sets it apart from the other regions of Baranquon. It is very alien to ones who are used to warm temperature lighting. South Western Baranquon has a higher visibility than all of the regions of Baranquon. The ground is made of a darker soil giving it an unusual contrast. This contrast is to make the surface appear newer than other parts of Baranquon. Baranquon is a giant city but South Western Baranquon is the least populated with skyscrapers. South Western Baranquon is where the western end of the Southern shores stars. The lighting from this section of the beach gives an accidental colorful and tranquil atmosphere that is not lighted up by the extra artificial suns. Southern Baranquon has the forest with the greatest tree distance. The bottom branches of the trees appear leafless but the top part is in full foliage. The breed of trees fill the air with a dark, slightly smoked, rustic ,and earthy clove like scent . These trees are alien and giant compared to their originals. This breed of trees are giant and are compared with the trees of Eastern Baranquon. Their trunk and branches are somewhat similar in appears to Birch trees but are like an orange brown color. This further adds to the contrast of South Western Baranquon. The houses are somewhat more contemporary than they are on the East. They come in different sizes and are a variety of shapes. The have large windows where one can look out the the scenery and enjoy it.


I have decided to use a minor 13 instead of just a minor note to add complexity and a warmer tone to the music. Song is influenced by Environment 65: Cardamon , Environment 73: An Avant Garde Volcano and Environment 18: Sepia Shores

This my favorite one of Baranquon

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