THANKS FOR 1K FELLAS!! managed to hit it finally haha.

i've been spending a lot of time in the app recently and hopefully i should have a full track out soon, if things all go to plan.



1. you can change as much of this draft as you want, although the original composition must still be recognisable in your remix. for example keep some of the melodic or harmonic ideas the same.

2. theres no limit to how long or short your remix can be; i'll be looking for quality over quantity.

3. post your remix in the comments on this track when you have finished, just to make sure i see it.

4. go ham and have fun.



24th October (2018 ofc)


there wont be any prizes for the competition, although i will put my favourite entries into a compilation album once the competition closes.


im not expecting this to be anywhere near as big as earthbound, but hopefully some of yall will feel inspired by this draft and consider trying a remix out :)


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