She keeps on moving for me. And I'm scared. So scared.

Don't bring me down, just let me go. The Cold embrace is too much to hold. I see your eyes, I see no soul. I feel your grip; mechanical.

Run from your sins and they will find you. You can't hide from the wind. Speak of your sins, or they will bind you. And they won't dare let you repent.

We dance this dance and take a chance; you fall into my arms. The great embrace was my mistake and now I've caused you harm. And she keeps on moving for me. And I'm scared. So scared.

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  • I'll be doing a pretty big music video for this (big by my standards)

    I just got my nice camera fixed and I'm gathering up some actors right now for it.

  • I just looked at listeners and its literally just me 15 times in a row i literally cant stop listening to this

  • swear to god i fucking love this

  • Ok I’m one of the delusional idiots who thinks they can remix your song and believe they will not completely destroy it, but in order for me to like not completely destroy it, is this in d minor or am I a dumbass

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  • still AMAZING

  • you got a possessive girlfriend or somethin bro?

    the lyrical mythos of naswalt continues...

    lmao on a serious note though, you're way too good

    can't wait to see you on the billboard charts someday

  • still bumping this <3

  • Oh my god

    its still so damn good.

  • how that picture tells a story holy shit

    • how this song make so much more fucking sense like fuck bro

  • Who recorded the bass? I love it

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  • jesus christ

  • yo, god damn, this is nice

  • 1:32 what the heck the vocals fit in so well

  • ummm plz delete ur account u make me sad. im highkey jealous

  • I can't get over the guitar. Just incredible. Probably my favorite song I've ever heard on audiotool.