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Mostly simple compositions and guitar stuff.
Very stoked about the release of next and I will try my best to stay active and keep making stuff on the regular.
I purposefully make stuff easy to reinterpret and usually always make my assets public, I love remixes and to see my assets being used to make all kinds of awesome pieces of music.
I am however still a little bit concerned that history will repeat itself with the whole lawsuit stuff, I still see a lot of sample theft, potentially copyright infringing samples and not to mention blatant stealing of music. I try to report my share of things but it kinda feels like taking a piss in the ocean. I just want this platform with it's community to stay healthy and keep evolving.
While I'm concerned that the new system is not restrictive enough, I at least hope that we will all actually be held responsible for infringements now so that AT won't get hell when inevitably enough people upload their own versions of some poorly isolated vocal track. With that said, I encourage you to create your own assets and experiment with instruments, voice and sound despite what kind of gear you have.
Last but not least be sure to read up on the different creative commons licences. The terms of use for all shared assets and tracks are defined by their specified license and it's important that these are understood and respected.
Search for "Creative commons licenses", they offer translations for most languages.
If you want your own XLR mic setup that doesn't break the bank check out the 'BM-800 Condenser Mic' and the 'Behringer UM2 U-PHORIA USB-interface', you'll also need an XLR cable and a mic stand/arm. (≈$70 on amazon)
For portable sound recorders check out the 'Zoom ZH1 H1 Handy Recorder'.

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