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  • oo i like how deep those bass arps are, but you may want to compress them a bit so that your other sounds in the mix can come thru more clearly. you can use a quantum in between your stereOutput tool and your centroid, set your RMS pass all the way up to 30 and fiddle with the two left most freq ranges (lows and mids). or you can put a compressor pedal or a gravity tool on the bass arp instrument itstelf, which is what I would recommend. play with the threshold and ratio settings a bit :)

  • i also notice a lot of mono sounds here. the lead/rhythm for example could do really well with just a simple steredetune, or even some help from the stereoEnhancer tool. another technique you can use is selecting the synth, Cntrl+C to sopy and the Cntrl+V to paste. hook em both up to a merger and pan one instrument all the way left and the 9other all the way right, or even do it on the oscillators themselves! another idea is using a tubedistortion pedal with the dist knob at .10%

    • *but

    • ngl a little confused buy will do my best

      ty for advice and fav

    • then if you want more mono, move the button on the splitter and merger more towards the channel that isn't going thru the stereoEnhancer tool, or if you want more stereo, the opposite. This also thickens your signal a bit, producing a fuller sound (sorta)

      Hope this helps! I really like the vibe here, and I can tell you worked hard! Great job, and keep up the good work! Please let me know anytime you need someone to listen or help you with something :)

      and, as always,

      Stay classy! <3

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