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  • dude, absolutely incredible rework. love the contrast of heavy breakdown to the overall deep and slow feel of the track. I think this is my favourite out of all submissions

    • That's a spot-on analysis because that contrast was indeed what I was going for. Actually started making this from the breakdown and then did the rest.

  • That bassline is sexy

  • I think this is my favorite entry. Not overdone and works really well overall

  • funky AF

  • oh this really was the last entry huh

  • Oh yes. Really good

  • Republished

    Fix track end

  • Remix was lost so I restarted.

    The stems were so long and inconvenient to work with that I really put off finishing this till the last moment. Stayed late at work using company resources and still need to do stuff Burning the candle at both ends staying at work late to make this using company resources and still having to do stuff in the morning rip. I feel that I've become less tolerant of losing sleep since my college days.

    But at least finally I get to listen to the other submissions.