Cover of track Xylophone Walk (Remix Competition) by S◊urce
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S◊urce, Xylophone Walk (Remix Competition)


This song will be included in my upcoming album, Vertigo.



Be Creative.

Be Original, it needs to be recognizable from the



1st Place: Remix is put into new album, gets custom profile picture, a follow, Gets recognized in Bio, and 3 favs.

2nd Place: Gets custom profile picture, Gets recognized in Bio, followed, and 2 favs.

3rd Place: Followed, 1 fav, and one thing you want from me. ( Another fav, collab, etc.)


Profile Pictures: You tell me (Theme, Colors, Name? etc.) and I make it. The profile picture will be a surprise, but I will try my best on what you tell me.


Due Date: July 1st

*If a Profile Pic is desired, email is required.

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