hi hi! sing along if you know these lyrics XD


this song was a lot of fun to make, another teaser from an almost finished album in the works. I really hope you enjoy it! this song has changed so many times through the year and was one of the first i had ever written, im so glad its finally out on all streaming platforms haha!


Stream Ghosts:

Pre-save EP:



special thanks to all the people on here who have loved and supported me through the years, you and you alone are the reason i strive to better myself in music and be as transparent as i am. thank you for everything <3

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  • Imma make this the 10k'th play

    • AT is crazy for you

    • holy shit how does this have 10k streams????

  • oh my god this is insane

  • time to loop

  • 5 weeks wtf

    what are you, GOOD LORD :O

  • 100th comment*

  • not bad, noticed its blowing up on spotify too so congrats

    • Thank you! I wouldent say blowing up but it is doing favorably in the algo which makes me happy pappy πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

  • just discovered you


    this is a beautiful one, clean. The sound is a pleasure to my ears. You have a beautiful voice, hope you'll go far on your platforms. You deserve a lot, just wow

    • Primarily I use audiotool to make instrumentals and do processing to vocals in GarageBand or logic. Tho mastering my music I do right here on audiotool haha

    • I'll do it ! You have a huge talent ! Are you creating on other DAW too ? Btw your work here is wonderful !

    • thank u for the kind words! you can find this song and all my music on all streaming platforms!! just google "po9t" and i'll pop up! ;)

  • Amazing!

  • can someone explain how this is lofi

    • that is...confusing to say the least lmao

    • It’s a foundation of lofi, lofi drums and instrumentation but it crosses a rap/pop realm that fits nicely between the fusion of genres! I concider songs like this, blu, and whiskey and words lofi

    • It's not lofi, it's good music

  • Refav

  • Bro wtf

    Look away for 5 days and this is almost at 200

    Wtf are you? A superhuman? Man I keep assuming your a human. Damn your Innovative, made of rubber,.and anything I say ricochets back at me

    It's crazy

    • lmaooo >:)

    • XD this was a trip to read πŸ˜‚

    • Bro you never fade

      The haters hate

      But then you wipe em off like bootleg Nikes ;)(switched up on ya ;))

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  • Me in my bedroom at 2AM type song

  • Coming back to this for the fifth time today

    • It’s also available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and every other streaming platform out there πŸ˜‚