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  • the panning is crazy

  • 50!!!!!!

  • woah nic eone bro!

  • great work

  • over 200 plays!

  • lovin' it.

  • Amazing

  • this is dope. The chip tune arp lead, bass plucks and the saw are really great dude, however, maybe its just matter of taste, the beat is kinda too fast for me, also if I was you I would try to turn the bass pluck release to 0 at 1:00 (chorus part) it could makes that part more punchy, u can also copy paste the pattern on another deeper or groovy bass to create variations. Also play a little more on LFO automations. This shit could be huge bro with a bit more synth, anyway great track there

  • how many tags can you possibly fit into one track

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  • brooo you gotta teach me them arpsssssss


  • fuck this is fantastic

  • Nice !

  • So is this for something or just for fun? Because it seems like it would be an interesting theme for some kind of modded boss in terraria.

    • Bro! Perhaps I will make a game. And these compositions will become soundtracks.