Cover of track YndustReal Zen (Elon Musk's Nightmare) by righteous_indignation
  • about 3 years ago
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righteous_indignation, YndustReal Zen (Elon Musk's Nightmare)


Gathered FX from: Netwerq, ATHeat, ascent, Thibka, technochrome, DJ Wickid Clown, ABADDON, WALLACE, mripeezy, Bradleybot15, orkoi, Narkophobia, fict, and thanks to floydpjasper for in flight radio chatter; that's the real shit: thanks to all those who contibuted to that;

Musical sounds from [offbeatninja], Progressive Failure, and of course, audiotool's massive library

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    about 3 years ago

    I have an immense amount of sincere respect for Mr. Musk & his accomplishments and goals, especially those he holds that make "us" collectively stop and ponder our current and possible future realities. I grew up during the inception and integration of personal computing (actually witnessing in real time the 'exponentiality' of it all) having been born into a world of slide rulers. I am also a huge fan of cyberpunk and P.K. Dick. I appreciate Elon's cautions on a world that could be.