quick, one hour garage draft

enjoy my first future garage attempt




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  • Very very clean. Not sure what your next steps might be musically. Not sure how more improvement could be offered at this point.

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  • pressed play and walked away, loops so well

    game menu music for a AAA mystery point and click title


    This reverb and this bass oww

    • tysm!

      worked hard

      been trying more ambient than ever before, especially the bass sound design

  • ep



  • so many synths...

    i could barely run it 💀

    • i need to get a better pc so i can make some mega ass drafts and work on mixing, while keeping my good sound design

  • I’ve been experimenting with future garage sounds in my unpublished drafts and I have to say that, in my opinion it is a very hard genre to learn. Besides your brilliant bass work, I greatly suggest not doing 1 hour tracks and instead experimenting and listening to future garage more often. A good one is “Ice by Taigai”. I was wondering if you could invite me to a draft and give me some tips on making reese basses some time in the future when you are free!?:)

  • woo

  • Many future garage tracks have a complicated, naturalistic, dark feel at the beginning with many elements blended in well all together. At the beginning of your track, all I can hear is the bass and nothing resembling nature. Take inspiration from the cover! Try and recreate a mist sound! Try and recreate a forest sound!

  • The atmosphere is chilling. I can imagine an escaped prisoner in a forest making his escape amidst soldiers searching with spotlights. nice one

  • Not bad for a first attempt though in my opinion it isn’t really future garage. I really like the touch at 2.06 though the transition at the beginning and end is quite lousy. In my opinion, the bass needs way more compression and to be pitched more subtle or deeper. This way you can incorporate filtered drums or drums with a mix of different gains, reverb and compressor, added with a slight depth from the slope and maybe even a delay used! I suggest you use multiple quantum’s for this!

    • got it!

      thanks for the advice! :>

    • In order to create a good transition, you need to understand the structure of future garage. I suggest doing what I said about the bass to create louder, cleaner drums. Otherwise, there is a high change you will struggle from clipping.

    • yeah, as i said, i need a better transition

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  • i need a better transition

  • woah

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  • open the remix

    • it was just supposed to be cinematic stuff at first lol

      it morphed into this as the hour went by

    • I don't know what I would do with this. I don't do future garage

    • nevermind you don't have to

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  • Republished

    no stupid tempo change