Hidden sample is a recording I made for Music for 18 Guitars (and a Pulverisateur)

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  • such a mature soundscape... love the vibes

  • It's so sad this isn't on Spotify i really REALLY like this song! Props

  • Great beat with the high notes that come in and go through out the song.

  • There are some clicks going on, audible for example 01:26 . Not sure if that is inside any sample and is fixable. Otherwise I really like the mix, just felt like I should point that out.

    • It's coming from the rassel and I don't think I can remove it, but hopefully I've hidden it a bit

    • Those are probably artefacts from the way I made the chords that have been brought out by the refresh. I haven't listened to the repub yet, but I'll see what I can do. Thanks for pointing them out!

  • Noticed it sounds kinda scooped, been trying to fill it out without adding more devices

  • bassline level: expert

    seriously the perfect bassline, that guitar is a beautiful accent and those pads/chords feel like the sway of palm trees

  • another repub? 👀

    • Just trying to present the ideas as well as possible :) thanks so much!

    • i still don't get how you can find more ways to improve this 😭

      just pure ✨magic✨

    • busted

  • ay

  • I'm finally satisfied with the satisfaction contraption. Comparing this to the first published mix is completely bonkers. It SUCKS lmao

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  • i game to this

  • Don't think I don't see those repubs 👀

    • Haha I've been going back through my older stuff and finishing stuff up or reworking them myself

    • I hear little things and think of little solutions every time I listen 😩

  • I would love to use it for an Instagram story for the coffeeshop of my wife. Ok for you? Would link the track

    • Ok cool. Thanks. Will send you a link when it’s online.

    • Some sculpting I'd still like to do, but that'll almost certainly be done this afternoon

    • I'd be stoked for you to use it!

  • Republished

    I think that'll do?

  • every time i see a repub i gotta listen again

    so good

  • love that bass