The 2nd collab of Almate and Subsidia. Please favorite and give both of us feedback!

In what we call todays society, we shroud our minds and surround ourselves in comfort and media. So the one thing we should fear is out of sight and out of mind. This is ironic because these things I speak of are the ZERK!!! and they dwell the sewers of the city streets we walk on...."What is it like to have fear among u without knowing"? "well there is a song for everything".

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  • Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @SOLACE thanks a lot! @RDz the volume will have to get fixed haha. Thanks for the compliment!

  • that's an awesome bass :)

  • Yeah.. a tad bit loud, don't you think? But hey, it's a good track. Nice one guys :)

  • almate this is a collab quit whining XD

  • I feel so bad because this was mostly you subsidia! I feel like I barely did anything on this!

  • srry ... i somtimes forget to make not so loud my ears are kinda messed up from being around clubs so much XD .... so if your reading this i would turn it down b4 u listen

  • wow! this is really cool! i like the synths and everything. but its just WAY too loud!!!!! AAAGGGHH!!!!! so hurting my ears......but its still really cool! :)