Okay guppies, it's time for this sorta kinda maybe possibly 1k remix comp

idk I'm close to it

I've never really seen myself getting this far, and to see how much I've progressed the past almost sorta kinda 2 years is p nide tbh.

I just wanna thank you guys for sticking with me thru this little adventure (This is the gayest I've sounded on here I know)

aNYWAYS let's get on with the remix part of this shit:

I want you guys to make whatever you want out of this. I'm not gonna restrict you to specific genres (Stagefgt)

I will put some rules in this tho:

1. Fuck you

2. You can't use other DAWs (You CAN bring in a sound or two [3 at the most])

3. Has to be a full song (I will not count it if it isn't complete)

4. You need to have your own name for the remix (Cover art isn't needed, but I appreciate it if you make one)

5. Have fun (habagahahaaha generic rule)


As for prizes go... idk tbh

1st: (something) pat on the back, maybe a collab idfk my computer sucks

2nd: idk I guess I'll follow you

3rd: I succ u or some shit

I'm as unprofesional as unprofesional can get


That's pretty much about it. Again, I thank you for almost sort of 1k)

Hope you guys have fun!

Deadline: September 7th (bc I like the number)

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