Some pad work and ambient tones

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  • worm

  • Really beautiful, congrats.

  • christ man i forgot how good you are lol

  • fuuuuck dude, refaved.

  • Now this sounds like something I'd wanted to make for an album, but I dunno where to start l0l

    • Honestly this is starting to feel like a fluke, I don't seem to be managing to find this sound again!

  • Gorgeous, soft textures

    Gentle listen to buff out the roughest surfaces of the heart

    Thanks for this

  • Beautifull dreamy:)

  • I love the dissonance on the pad, gives it texture

  • Wow ... just wow

  • beautiful. every second of it

    • means a lot coming from you Kepz <3

  • reminds me of tycho especially the little synth melodies in there... beautiful

  • woah, how you made this type of track sound so clean is beyond me

  • This is gorgeous. This is the sound I'm looking for

  • Audial = Goated. This is mesmerizing.