So uh. I like this Track A LOT. So I remixed it for my 500.

I tried to break AT and do a tempo change, And there no Sample for the Tempo change. Some of the bases are samples, And ill be editing those.

But uh... Yeah. Thanks for 500. Im proud at how my skill is developing compared to when I was at my 200, and 300 celebration.

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  • This is sick but i dont see how 134 bpm is midtempo. I thought midtempo was like 100 - 110 bpm

    • You didnt open the draft, or hear the tempo change did ya?

  • rip the original

  • Fuck it ima VIP This. No midtempo tho.

  • I should remix this.

  • tbh my fav from u

  • damn what a setup

  • sounds kinda like a dubstepgutter song or maybe a monster cat song.....

  • Awesome! Even Better than the original. Sorry Zerod

  • You say wub I say WUBWUBWUBWUBWUB

  • wow

  • 03:05 is fxking brilliant man! <3

  • Okay, fuckin wow. tempo change outta fuckin nowhere, that shit's impressive. Looks like the devs just got beat at their new tempo change thing by pure skill lmao

    • I'd look at how you did it, but I would like to not kill my mac air right now.

  • The execution of the tempo change could be wayy better; i can think of a couple other ways to do it right off the top of my head, but what you've done is bretty good

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  • rassel speed then tune synths up by the difference?

    • thats a good way to do it but he literally moved all notes, percs everything slightly further apart its so cool you should open the draft and check it out

    • nope

  • Epic bro >3