Cry Babyy...

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  • can i pls be ur bf? ill listen to u and do wat ever u tell me to do i promise bu only 1 rule u have to give me luv

  • Also My cousin Sad girl/17 girl had to delete her account because of some issues please wish her good luck...Thank you!!! 🙂😊😊

  • Hiiii guys I changed my avater image Go check it out! 😄😄😄

  • hey! nice pfp its funny because i have that picture in my drive lol

  • hi can i pls be ur bf?

  • who is older

  • Tell me how you feel when you read my lyric

    Yeah(yeah) We've come this far to inside The bubble

    To inside The lane Tryna go Fast on fast Lane she said your taking us to fast

    Like what can i say, Tryna keep us together But its so hard to keep Love is what

    you think it is untill it turns into a disaster So ima just light up this candle maybe fall asleep

    dream about the days that past by, Wondering why the flames have not gon out?

  • how dare you use the same font as me lol

  • Welcome to at.

    A free software to make music but where people online date XD

  • Hi, i am 17girl sis