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1.I'm Arbor-Rose but most people just call me Arbor ,yes I'm a girl I'm just a little crazy and like to have fun with my music and expires emotions throw it
2. Fun is the most important thing to me in making music
3. Oh I'm 15 i know I'm young but I'm me and that's what matters
4. LOL is my life bc I'm always laughing and joking
5.Music, Art, and Friends are everything to me
Ways to get ahold of me
1.at facebook Arbor Mccall or Instagram
2.if i know you I'll give you my email just ask below
3. If you want it i have a snapchat
Some things u should know about me is I do not play by the rules and if u don't like that don't follow me.I will take ur commentary seriously if u have advice for me please do comment or write I'm open to anything and will try it.This may or may not be of ur concern but I'm also in a band which I'm very happy about and a very siked to know where that goes.
Hope this helped u know me :) and for the love of sweaters lol
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