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This is an account made for remixing/creating music. I am no more than 15 and I have school, at the moment, so expect less activity. Those who know me can just call me Night! Please do not remix my songs unless I follow you or you have special permission(I.E. You asked Nicely, Remix Comp Event). The word (Inactive) by my name means that I am stepping away from my computer for a while (E.I. vacation/on break).
Cool People:
@The Red Reaver (Keith) and @Deus - Two cool brothers who truly got me started on AudioTool.
@DrGrover - a JoJo fan and has a few of the older Template songs that I used.
@gabbo - A hardcore artist I won't be half as cool as. T-T
@$oul Fire - A cool, Upcoming Lo-Fi Musician

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