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Hi. I'm Keith, I have made my OST for my AU(s) for Undertale. I am also a YouTuber, so please give my channel a check.
My brother ( @DeusIsDaBoss ) and I have finished our FrozenOver OST. You can look at my albums and find all the themes there, in order (there are remixes of the themes as well in there).
I am a Megalo-Strike-Back enthusiast, meaning I like the theme a lot.
Also, Check out @CH4R4 and @A-Wes , they are pretty good, and I really like their different genre preferences(everyone is different).
I also use synth sounds quite a bit, even some bass, and some techno every now and then.
Part of The Fusion band.
Fusion Band members: Me, @Shadow_Crawler19 , @CH4R4 , @A-Wes , and @she-devil .
PFP by @CH4R4 .
Feel free to invite me to collabs!
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