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so we remake your song only by using sounds from our mouth

if you want us to remix one of your songs, please post it on our wall!

it will take anywhere from a week to a few months depending on the complexity of the song.

we will get better with practicce as anyone so if our first song sucks dont judge hard.

we do any type of song so post away <3

want to join the acapella elite? post on our wall :D

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  • we are currently working on almates! got the beat part just about done :)

  • Thanks f follow guys,,,feel free to vocalise any of my stuff,,,;)

  • im going to buy a pop filter before we start anything

  • hey, so thanks for all the posts :D glad to see that we are getting followers and suggestions well need some time to get them all done :D thanks again and be patient were working on them right now :D wow i just looked out my window and saw A BAD A$$ Toyota little ace van go by with the coolest flame paint job, just thought id share :D

  • if anyone wants to be in this group, write on my wall, we need help

  • Hey guys. I think it would be cool if you could remix this song. Irene (Feat.HeAd_HuNtEr) I would really appreciate to see an acapella!

  • hey darktheory... this is me lol, this is just something im doing with my friend, you wanna join?