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Branch out dudes
Branch out dudes

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    The Nocturn about 4 years ago

    You should totally try to see how you do with my new song, a remix competition with an impressive set of first place prizes.

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    The Nocturn about 5 years ago

    Props to young DJs! You're 13?...I started around 12 or so and I'm going strong with career opportunities in music coming my age, and I haven't even turned 16 yet (will sign with PN promotions or FRK records or maybe FullSail records in June; not sure which offer to take yet) so keep at it even when it seems like you are getting nowhere.

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    Ketram about 5 years ago

    All Of My Friends (Arte-Mix) My entry for @tophat's remix contest! :D Check it out please :)

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    MarcosTacos about 5 years ago

    wub wub

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    MasterFox (Look at desc) about 5 years ago

    I should come over or sometime and we could make dubstep, and I could teach you what I know