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My name's Tyler, I smoke a lot of weed, and I dress to impress. So I call myself High-Ty-Supafly
I'm 20 and a Gemini, but who cares lol. I listen to lowkey artsists like Simon Posford of Shpongle who does otherworldly psychedelic music that combines modern electronic music tenchniques and world genres; Tipper which the myth is he's the King of Breakbeats; Amon Tobin whose music is like computers on drugs or an organic computer trying to create human dubstep. I don't care about lyrical music such as rap or rock cuz I'll feel like I'm forced to pay attention to the finer details rather than instrumental music where the meaning and emotion is up to the interpretation of the listener. Unless if lyrics are energetic, meaningful to life or a personal connection, or just catchy, I won't care for them lol.
It's hard to define what my favorite genre may be. I'll listen to different music given my mood. If I wanna chill I might listen to footwork (DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, etc), or if I feel like I'm on top of the world I might listen to Psytrance. I listen to most of the same stuff, but I dabble in different genres here and there, so I'll listen to pretty much anything that'll be posted here.
I allow remix on ALL of my songs. I would LOVE to hear people's different interpretations of my songs.
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Oh yeah, and I cook chicken at Lee's.

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