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[======> Welcome My Nigga Lmaoo <=====]
My name is SRSLY (or Trey) and i like to make shit. I'm also into clothing design and I co-own a collective named "NACÉUR". I don't really care if what i make is "good" to other people, I just make it because I like to really. If you FW with it you do, if not oh well lmao.
Now with that out of the way, Here's some boring shit about me:
• I'm 14 in the 9th grade rn (fight me)
• currently putting together an album for my collective (not here and DEF not with any of my beats)
• I like to experiment
• I make music other than beats on my sc
As you can tell I'm not that interesting, But if you'd wanna colab or just talk and become friends add my discord :) treys#5776
also feel free to drop track on my wall, I doubt you'd want my opinions because i'm not experienced but hey, ill help best to my ability

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