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hi i'm a brother to a music therapist so...i hope you like my songs

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  • sure, my username is bwhit simple but informitive and also to collab sounds cool but due to software tenical difficulties i can't make audiiotool music because of adobe flash

    thats why new song haveny been comming out from me

    by the by hows everybody at summit?

  • To increase productivity of songs, I'm making this page a collab. page. If you would like to join send me an e-mail with an reason to why I should give you my password to:

    sillyfrysky @Meeshu Meeshu .com

    once I get it I will send you the password so you can make songs on this account, and remember, click that "follow" button.

  • you'll hav to tell me ur username so i can white list it...

  • i could set us up an online server for 1.7.2, you wanna?

  • a small lan one not a public one you have to be in the same house

  • do u hav a server

  • you hav minecraft?!?!

  • Cool my avatar is ash from pokemon

  • The Minecraft pic is my custom avator in the game! :)

  • um........i don't know i stoped working on it three weeks ago.......... it's not very good but i guess i can publish it's called the happy farm

  • when do you think David's Uzi song is done? 2 more weeks of school left...

  • ok?

  • look up crazyrabidsquirl29, thats jacob the man who still won't wash his mouth out

  • good btw SUMMIT EAGLES(our basket ball team) TOOK HOME ANOTHER MEDAL!!!

  • pretty good I’m back to being home schooled I’m almost done with Davids Uzi song

    hows Chris and Nathaniel doing?