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TM Records Co leaders : @C-LoS™✪ @Mxxicvn Phonk (MP) @savage .kidd™✪ last but not least @Supreme_Bandz . organizer: @Project .Youngin™✪ #:.Youngin™✪ @ Members Of Tm Records: Ktown ™✪ @TheChosen™ @lilAaron™✪ ™✪ means trap master

@Mother™✪ @Thrillz Supreme.Perfect

@21armcall @Xoren @Real__OG™✪ @yungzee™✪ ♥KingDay♥™✪ @cain_haynes™✪ @$avage lyric™✪ @ REZZYPRODUCTION™✪ @◆ -L O R D- ◆™✪

@Manibeatz ™✪ @wristgame™ @The1nOnly™✪ @Fresco .Boomin™✪ @ BIg Racks $$$™✪ @Fw_King™✪

@4ourlives_swagboy @RAZZITTY™✪



@$$ Young Zy $$™✪ @lilhype™✪ @BŁΛZΞX σƒƒι¢ιαℓ (BLXO)™✪ @C-Good™✪ all these my homies, my family #TM4LIFE

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