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"When everything else has dropped away,drop th bass as well"

That phrase is my life, and my life is that phrase.

One day, I was bored, and I thought: "I'll like to create a song".

Then, I created "When the voices converge".

It's curious, when I made that song, I just used 5 audiotracks and the first samples that I found; and now I use a f*****g infinity of devices to make one of my own samples.

When I'm creating a song, I always think in the people that is going to hear it, and I always try to make the best that I can.

I'm not the best, but I like what I do, and I hope that you like it too.

And yes, I'M BRONY.

Love all of you (and /)* for everyone that can understand the symbol).


Hey, take a look in my youtube channel! (Spam detected?), I upload my songs there (and some MLPirl's when I can):

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