xoel the floofy protogen


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dont be afraid to show me your real colors. ill welcome you the way you are. we are all better if we arent the same.

my music company is scrap music

feel free to ask questions about me or tell me about your self and stuff. im down to chill and chat if u want. im gone on weekends and uhhhh beep boop im a gay furry femboy and heres da scoop.

thanks to @chase the fox for being my first follower.

my fam:

@cone man swager( swags the cone)

@bunnie (its wabit season)

@T E A P O T (um ok)

@VIXW( furry)

@FENIX( sadly left.)

@☲ARG◈N☲ (helped me and give him the credit)

tictown(lil fella)

people ive adopted: @cone man swager

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