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Hi my name DJ-HOOVS i'm 16 years old and my birthday is April 28th i live in Ontario Canada i have a great mind for music when i was about 7 years old that's when i started thinking about music making after rocking out AC/DC and Fall out boy then i started to get into Metal like Slipknot and DIO at the age of 13 that's when i first started liking Dubstep D&B Rap and hiphop......................but here comes the sad part
one day me and my brother were walking home from the store he was 13 and i was 15 but when we were walking home my little bro was hit by a drunk Driver my brother was killed by the car it missed me then the driver of the car was knocked out so i ran to the nearest house and called 911 it was to late to save my bro he was already gone and that's the reason why i am a Brony my Brother was and he made music just like me so that's why i make music i do it for my little Brother i wished he didn't have to go like that..........Rest in Peace Bro i love you :(
and my real name is Steven but you can just call me DJ-HOOVS or steve

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