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I'm a girl just so you know, I HATE being mistaken for a boy! I bet a lot of you gals can relate, and you guys with the opposite prob.
BTW, I won't be making music as much because I only have access to my school laptop, which I'm not allowed to take home, so I won't be able to test music and stuffz during the week as much.
Sorry! DX
But thanx for all the support!
And I'm REALLY bad at names just so you know!
If you support Donald Trump unfollow me. I don't need a bunch of racist losers following me. If you hate Donald Trump go ahead and follow if you want!
I now call Donald Trump Tronald DUMP! If you support the Mexicans help this go viral.
Help bad-mouth him. He will ruin our national anthem. He will ruin our pledge of allegiance. He will ruin our country's NAME! Even though he got Indiana, my home state, supporting him, there are still many here who disapprove. Me included. SO SAVE OUR COUNTRY'S NAME! Save it's history! Save the United States of America. Because we deserve equality. Whether you're a Mexican, American, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, German, Canadian, Southern, or ANYBODY. You should be welcome in the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave. Dump is going to turn our land into the Land of Cowards trying to banish Mexicans. SAVE OUR COUNTRY!
Thank you for reading.
P.S. Sorry if I start to annoy you with this America stuff! ^^"

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