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Well, hi there. XD
Born on the seventh of July 1995, I have both autism and ADHD and (as of April 29, 2014) "psychosis" and (as of May 2, 2014) mild "catatonia". >_>;
I enjoy peace and quiet, as well as Kirby, Sonic, and Mario soundtracks.
I also happen to live in Dreamland! XD
Nah, just kidding - though I often wish I do! ^_^
Hm.. nothing much about my life, but I love to read and write, relax in nature, and play video games! I'm normally quiet, but once something catches my interest I speak on it with a passion! XD
My imagination explodes at times, and most often I'm inside my own head! I also don't seem to like haphazards and spam and recently slip into emotionless spells at times... >.>
Now, despite all this, (or maybe -because- of all this.. >.>) I'm kind and always willing to lend a helping hand so don't hesitate to ask me! XD
WARNING: If you happen to make me mad or insult me or hurt me in any way, I'm not as nice... you have been forewarned...

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