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@SOLACE (Sol) (founder)
@Ante (Mn)
@Notoz (Ntz)
@ZAN (Td)
@kav (K4)
@Gravidon (Grv)
@Bluedude (Bd)
@Astroboy ( Ast )
@Daymo (Dym)
@amoeba (am)
@Triquend (Zn)
@Uprising ( Ur )
@looks (Lu)
You need at least over 200 follows to join. However, if we find you extremely underrated, we'll add you in. Note we're Drum N' Bass only, and we really appreciate people who are good with melodies and Synths!
Note to the members:.
When we're naming drafts, we should name them the names of whoever is working on the drafts and then if it's open or closed.
- Open would mean anybody in the group can edit it.
- Closed would mean only the users who worked on it can do stuff.
- Don't ever delete somebody else's draft.
- if Teqtoniq and UPRISING did something, and nobody else was allowed to edit it, it would be: "Sol, Ur (Closed)", note that you can listen to the draft, but nobody can edit it except for the people on the draft)
- if Bluedude and Gravidon did something and wanted somebody to edit it, then they would call it ''Bd, Grv (Open)"
*The logo was made by Notoz.
Please contact a member of the group for entrance to the group or other information needed. (Group Closed)

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