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Welcome To DopeSlinger World xD
If your wondering that is a male anime character...
Juuzou Suzuya...
Creative Criticism & Additional Content
Is Advised
Butt Lickaz need not apply
23 Year Old
Definitely Not a trap kid since I've been going raves way before trap was a thing
True Raver Dnb/House/Hardcore/Techno/Psy Trance/Trance the good shit
I have a SoundCloud with 160 followers and Re-Post songs daily
So for a Re-Post simply leave a link on my wall (URL Directly To That Song On SoundCloud) & I'll get back to you
Within 24 Hours
Colabs Work like this...
You know |_____| this much
I know |_| this much
But remember that extra yard could make the full mile
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