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TAKEN! when your mom replaces you with another kid that's not even hers meaning my bsf my mom has fought for her more than she has fought for me, i cant really say my moms name "mom" without yelling at me and then she says omg what do you want, and she does fun things with my bsf but not me my bsf is allowed to be loud but not me my bsf is at my moms house everyday even when i'm not there like she literally stays the night and she only goes back to her house once every 2 weeks and i'm getting tired of it and so is my dad and step mom they think what my mom is doing is fucked up. i mean hell when i told my "bsf" i didn't want to be friends anymore my mom begged me to stay being friends with her and if i kept saying no she would've went behind my back anyways and kept getting her the days she doesn't have me.
my dad always yells and he always threatens me and my baby sister that's 2 he yells at us 3 kids all the time, i cant even remember the last time we had a nice dinner or go somewhere without fighting we cant talk during dinner other wise theres fighting, i dont even really wanna talk about my step mom, mom acts like she doesn't want me anymore, my step dad use to abuse me theres so much but ion wanna type it all man like it would be 14 pages if i could it so bad my 11 yr old sister at my dads wants dead, my other 11 yr old sister at my moms doesnt really talk to me.
i dont feel safe anymore specially at my dads my 2 months of being sober from cutting might end tonight i might start again i cant handle just writing anymore. I FINALLY GOT MY MOM TO SOMEWHAT REALIZE WTF MY "FRIEND" IS SAYING. my mom doesn't gaf she said her kids always comes first but if Ashley aka the "friend" she will get her and leave the situation me or my siblings are in. and idk if u all know i was abuse by my step dad, and siblings, i use to cut, i use to drink, and shit like that i've done way worse....theirs so much. my body isn't letting me sleep or eat i haven't been really able to eat
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