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16 year old male. My real name is Austin, but I go by Frey(Fri) :P
From Illinois, and no not Chicago :P And I'm a Brony.
I believe in salvation through a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Genres: Electro, Chiptune, Dance, Techno, Dubstep, Chillstep and DnB.
I play Guitar, Banjo, Piano, and Bass.
And I release vocal mayhem upon the masses.
Favorite artists:
OxxO XooX
The Algorithm
Knife Party
Venetian Snares
Soundcloud Stream: (link is only visible to registered users)
I love spam! Just keep it on my wall :P
Under appreciated users:
@Mr. Speck
@The Fall of Icarus
@Full Delay
100th follower: @DJ.C9VIC
200th follower: @Gravidon
Gotta collab with Mr. Speck: @A Speck of this Freyed Universe
And with TiTanZ: @TitanFrey
And Paradoxal: @Bencir
With Incube and Al Prog @Sensible Sound
Collab Group: @Aura Waves
Winners of my contest:
1st place: @Hemlock
2nd place: @Aron
3rd place: @dump
Contact me: theofficialfrey @GMAIL .com

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