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Single, 15, love all genres of music,and Optimistic about life
---- I thought this was a dating site sorry---
Wesnah!- youtube.com (link is only visible to registered users)
500th comment @laevent//H.P.★
Awesome people I'd like to call my friends (no specific order)
@Adam Richard.
@VISIA-on soundlcould only
@Alexis (Im back)
(link is only visible to registered users) <--- Idek but check it out
- Audiotool Battle!!!!
-Spitfire - Porter Robinson (remix W/ Mpact and Opius )
-And more to come..
F Y I :
this community is one that I have come to love and @Vassrvögel you , @VISIA-on soundlcould only ,and many others have made the times that I
produced on here an amazing experience and I am looking forward to working on here more often.
- With Love ,
@Vassrvögel <==== Is FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!
If anybody wants to collab just ask
Fezzes are cool!

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