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Hello. My name is Hanako Mika, I'm new to Audiotool. I'm not too good at making music, but I have fun and go with it :)
I'm 16 if you're wondering, but I act older than I am. I'm an introvert night owl, so if I'm not talking to you much it's not because I don't like you (well, that might be it, but not likely) but rather because I'm not exactly comfortable starting the convo.
I'm interested in hearing all kinds of music, so share some with me. I'll be more than happy to listen to it :)
Hi everyone, this is AnimeGirl.. I thought it would be funny, for me and you guys, if I played a joke on you all. So I made this account, HanakoMika is actually just the quiet part of me.. I only meant this as a joke, but I think I might have made some of you guys mad.. I won't ever do anything like this again.. I'm sorry...

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