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In a dark world like ours, people stumble and fall. People are hurting and struggle with feelings of pain, heartache, and lostness. People don't need someone to brush them off and tell them they're okay. People are desperately in need of a light and a gentle hand to pick them up and show them the way. I want to validate their struggles with relatable music that reaches people where they are, and encourage them to take the path that leads them away from the darkness of their insecurities and into the light and the loving arms of God.
I am willing to mix your tracks (to hopefully give them a slightly more professional sound haha) for free. I am doing this to gain the experience I need to reach my goal to become the most emotive mixer an AT. Just send me an invite at least a couple days before you publish so I have a chance to get the work done, and let me know on the wall of my alt: @DtripleJ .
Keep the light in sight! - I am DJ

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