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I use this account to make music for my friends and for collabs. Here is my main account: @I_am_DJ
My life won't be complete until I'm married and these twelve people I followed have followed me back:
@Infyuthsion because it's quite impressive to gather such a following!
@okin because he was the first person to notice my existence.
@Jetdarc because he started on the same daw I did.
@CeRiXyn because he is my first follower!
@Client Alt [Gone] because he has tons of potential.
@MILXN✔️ because his skill is legendary. No need to say anything more.
@Synergy because he won my first remix comp!
@dkwise because he is a personal friend.
@Jordi Moragues because he is super helpful.
@mindGreNaDe because he is an amazing friend.
@100followerremixcompwinner tbd
@1000followerremixcompwinner tbd
I would appreciate any feedback you could possibly have on how to improve, but if you write on my wall or comment on my tracks and albums, please keep it clean. I am creating an executive decision that wtf means "what the fish", and lmao means "laughed my arm off". haha! With that in mind, I would appreciate it if those abbreviations were not used on my wall. Thanks! - @DtripleJ

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