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Hello and welcome to my page. And no, this isn't simply another lost hope on your never ending quest to find new and innovative music. Regardless of how you may have found this channel, you have just stumbled upon greatness, and thus, maybe I should reintroduce myself.
Hello, and welcome to greatness. My goal is to create awesome music that anyone can enjoy at any time. To do this, I will be relying on all of my musical experience, and will be open to any suggestions that people may have on improving my music. And with that, I hope you enjoy:)
jk. this page sucks. You suck. and you should give up all of your hopes and dreams right now because I said so. Seriously though, I'll try to put a lot of effort into my music over the next year and see where I end up.Not just for this page but for everything I create.
Country: USA
musical experience: piano (9 yrs) Trumpet (5 yrs) composition (~2 yrs)
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superdude64/Ying and Yang- This was from about 5 years ago. I decided to create a new account since at that time I had no idea what I was doing and was just messing around. I can't say i'm not embarrassed of the crap I was able to produce, but I re-uploaded them to this account for anyone who wants to listen to them.
Fission- Collab between my brother and his friends, currently inactive.

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