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Thank you @Seth Whilst for the great logo!
Disclosure: Approximately 70% of all my tracks could not be made today on this website. Don't expect any knew tracks from this account besides the occasional shitpost or sound experiment.
Welcome to Audiotool's #1 spot for extreme rave music! Now officially in association with @Audiotool Hardcore (murdered) Check us out! Consider following or even submitting your tracks for promotion!
@Lois Cook
@Blue Noise (not dead)
A list of fellow audiotool users whose work I appreciate, have had several personal in counters with as colleagues, and, at least relative to my relationships with other audiotool users, might even regard as family:
@14etan - Industrial satanic triphop with a dash of sugar.
Probably given this guy more plays then anyone else on AT combined.
@Zatsyko - Catchy and uniquely Hardcore melodies.
@Smile - Literally the only person who watches my YouTube channel.
@DJ Pāvment - Phat basses and crisp... break... ses...
Also, this account^ is probably dead, but he's told me that he's gonna try and start over on his new account here: @Seth Whilst
@Plan Your Own Party Kit @Sea Of Tranquility - My first follower. No longer here, but we talked a lot and did some stuff.
@Froxxie - THE CUCK HAS RETURNED! Noise and [fill in the blank]wave.
@Nikki's Remixes and Edits My girlfriend (dead)

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