The Happy Hummy

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I am an aspiring YouTuber who currently has 755 (oops I should update its 813- nope now 870)subscribers doing gaming tutorials in Minecraft and soon Fortnite. I wish to connect with anyone who has dreams as big as mine so I can reach my ultimate productivity efficiency.

I can chat from 7:00 am to 8:00 am U.S. Eastern Time


I am working on buying a phone so I can record and edit videos. Till then I won't talk long. (Edit: SCHOOLS IN. ALL MY PLANS ARE DELAYED.)

If you say "hi" and I say "school" the conversation is over.

The EVERYTHING GAME - say a word, I say the first word that comes to mind, then you do the same to my word. Ex: tree, wood, house, car, wheel, button, etc.

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