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Music is not just a hobby or an art. It is a way of life.
I'm not a basher, I have my tastes and things that aren't my cup of tea. But I will give honest feedback on anything. I try to put hours if not days of work into my tracks, and sometimes I just say screw it, publish it, and move on to the next thing in mind. I also think samples are great, albeit well overused. They're a good foundation for beginners and can make excellent accents for the advanced creator, but I accept that it's time for me to step away from the heavy sample tracks I've made, and work on originality to the core.
If anyone is interested in a new avatar, I'm more than happy to create one from scratch. I love making graphics. For an example other than my avatar, check out WhiteHawkMC's avatar :)
**Check out these guys if you haven't already! They've shown me a lot of love and support as well as great constructive criticism!
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