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>_> I'm here to make cozy, smooth jams and chiptunes. And if u want me to listen to ur music, I got you.

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  • b r e a d

  • listen musec plez

    • thank you m8

    • I fricking love your music. 😊 Ur my new fav

    • 😌 ye I got you. I'm listening to super chill beat rn, in the bathroom. Its such a thumper

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  • From this point forward I now declare you my rival

    • Yeah, that sounds cool too lmao

    • Dear Toastie,

      I do not wish to be rivals. Let's be breadlike creatures together and share jams

      - Bread.

  • But toast is just bread without the crunch...

    • Are you trying to say I'm ugly?! Us toasts have feelings too, y'know

    • I need a magnifier to see it.

    • You are NOT correct. I'm very lightly toasted, you just need to squint reaaally hard to see it.

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